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Body Cardio scale won't turn on




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    I’m sorry that your Body Cardio is not turning on anymore. If this happens, please:


    1) Reboot your scale. For that, you need to press and hold the button on the right side of the scale for 20 seconds. Then, release the button and wait 30 seconds. After that, please stand on the scale for 20 seconds, even if you don't see anything on the scale's display. If the scale lights up, it should be reconfigured.

    2) If the scale still does not power on, please charge it for 5 hours by connecting the included micro-USB cable into the port on the right side of the scale and connecting the other side to a USB port (of a computer or mobile device charger). Unplug the scale and weigh yourself. The scale should now power on.

    3) If after those 5 hours, your Body Cardio still doesn’t turn on, please charge the scale again for 5 hours, but with a different micro-USB cable.


    In case the situation persists, I invite you to send us an email at


    Have a great day, 


    Armelle, Withings Customer Service

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    Try reaching out to the Withings team by following this link They should be able to help you with this.

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    Same thing for me. Suddenly the scale won’t turn on. The scale is one week old. Support team not responding. Did you get it working? Thanks

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    Yes I got it working. I was lucky, I guess. I plugged it in to charge via USB. I tried again and it wouldn't start, so I left it plugged in a day. Suddenly it started working.

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    Mine stopped staring, so i put it to charge. it did charge but it was difficult for it to recognise it was charging, tried different cables. When it was on 85% i stepped on it, and nothing.... black screen until now.
    I have reseted by  pressing the button for 20 seconds, and still nothing. @withings please help us here!!!
    Dont know what else i can do...  
    Been eating too much ice cream and dont know if i reached my cut it off limit number!!! ;)

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