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Where is my Order




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    Hi Keen,

    Did your issue get resolved? 

    I'm asking because I'm starting to get worried. I placed an order with them on Sunday, for my first ever Withings product; and had to resort to emailing them yesterday, because there is absolutely no information on how to contact them via telephone.

    Needless to say, no one has contacted me.

    However, they took my money out straight away!

    I hope I do get my goods - as the total lack of customer service I've had so far, makes me want to just get my money back as fast as possible, and run to Garmin or Fossil instead!

    Not good Withings - please treat your customers better when they choose your goods. Otherwise we won't make the mistake of ever purchasing from you again. 

    A little humility and service goes a long way (not least because it reassures us, after our money has been taken, that we have not been scammed by purchasing from this website).



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    Update to my last post:

    After ordering the Steel HR on Sunday, and not receiving a reply from Withings, requesting to cancel my order on Monday (after realizing that Withings was based in France, not the UK, concerns arose about customs charges and Withings not being able to honour the two-day shipping I'd paid for), I didn't hear back from the Withings customer services team until Wednesday, after 4pm ... one hour after the Steel HR had been delivered, thankfully!

    The aesthetics and build quality of the Steel HR are seriously beyond any other fitness tracker I have ever owned (I bought it after my trusty rose gold, black Garmin VivoMove HR died after 18 months of faithful, reliable service; and I have a Fitbit Charge 3 still in active service). There's no getting away from how beautiful this watch is. And it was a breeze to setup (for this IT professional, admittedly, who keeps an eye out for ease of use).

    I just hope the quality, reliability and dependability of its functionality proves to be just as good as its beauty and quality of build.

    Thank you Withings, for delivering within the time frame for which I paid extra.

    Please do every single thing you need to, to ensure the level of support you offer customers investing in your company, is as good as your product looks and feels. You could start with ponying up your team and introducing a live chat on this website.

    Many thanks,


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