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HR Steel heart rate



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    This happens to me as well! I got my watch in June 2020 and for the whole summer heart rate was measured quite accurately while running, I only had issues in the beginning of each run, where first 5-10 minutes it was showing me 160 bpm (while I was super low tempo and relaxed) and then going back to what I expected to see (125-140) and reacting appropriate to my tempo. It changed however with the month of October: half of my workouts the watch shows me 165-170-180 bpm, then drops to 130 bpm for a minute or two then back to the high levels. This is what I still see every single workout.

    I have a theory it could be because of either a cold weather (+2 degrees C) or there are was an update in October that broke it. Software version I have on my HR now is 7041. Heart rate during sleep or during the day is always very accurate.

    Fortunately this metric is not crucial for my workout, but it's still a bummer to realise something that could help you does not. Considering to buy a watch from another brand just for running and leaving my HR for everyday life.

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