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Daily Steps - anything other than this available




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    You can change the steps target of course, but doesn't this do what you want ?


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    That's just a daily summary, I emphasised weekly data as that's what I'm after. There is weekly data and a total for steps, weekly data and an average (but not total) for sleep, but nothing weekly at all for heart rate. I have solved the problem of Healthmate's inflexibility by going back to Android Wear and Google Fit, the Scanwatch will be returned today. I hoped Withings being a healthcare company would do a better job than Google but I've been surprised to find that they're not. Sleep tracking is even more of a problem, with Healthmate routinely identifying TV watching as sleeping and offering only extremely basic editing facilities. Sometimes you have to try a product for its shortcomings to become apparent, it only took a few days for me to find healthmate to be inconsistent and inflexible. This kind of problem doesn't show up in reviews unfortunately.

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