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Lost watch Steel HR




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    No that's not possible. If you're near it you can see in the app if it's connected and then trigger a vibration

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    Thanks Tristan, I've tried that.

    For reference for Withings support:
    I've checked for last synch time in app (which I was in my bed then) and I tore my room apart. I retraced my exact steps between when I woke up and when I realised it was missing and couldn't find it.
    While retracing my steps I tried scanning for it in the app and just general bluetooth settings for the device (I also enabled Bluetooth HCI snooping to try see if itd appear in the logs re-disconnection time or pinging when out looking) but no joy.

    I also tried to exported bug reports from my phone and nothing usable was present (didnt go back far enough).

    Not sure if there's any further data I can gleam from the app that you might be able to provide? like background connections/communications that might not be readily accessible to end users ? any help at all to try better triangulate where it fell off would be greatly appreciated as I'm very lost without my watch.

    Thanks in advance, 


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