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Google Fit Integration




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    I am having the exact same issue and have been since I started using Google Fit in earnest over a year ago.

    Sometimes the steps count is only a few 10s or 100s out, but it can be well over 1000 steps out some days.

    It also does not export any heart rate data across to GF either.

    I am using a Withings Steel HR with Healthmate installed on a Galaxy S8+.


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    I have an Activité Pop, which tracks my daily walking and running. I enter cycle duration manually. This is usually transferred successfully, although I can see a discrepancy in two short cycle trips from this morning.

    When walking, I usually have my phone with me, but not for my weekly run. The run data has the correct number of steps and inferred calories. When I went hiking a couple of weeks ago, I entered this manually in HM but also had my phone with me. The inferred calories amounts are different, so did GF use its own step count? HM doesn't seem to display steps for activities, so that's more tricky to compare.

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    James, I have the exact same issue that you described. I have a Withings Steel and the same sync settings as you have with Google Fit. At the end of the day, the step counts between the two apps don't even come close. I observed the same issue with offline activities. Google Fit shows the activity in the journal but does not factor the activity while displaying the step count / heart count. I think the sync between the two apps is broken. Both Withings and Google should stop claiming that they support app sync. I would love to have these sync issues fixed.

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    Me too folks. Activité Pop is syncing with Health Mate which is (I believe) connected with Google Fit, but only Heart Rate, Height, Weight and Blood Pressure data are showing in Fit - no steps at all. I really do get peeved when these businesses entice us to buy with claimed functions that simply don't work! and peeved is putting it mildly. The response from Withings seems to be "talk to Google" ha! more chance of talking to the moon!

    If anyone from Withings is reading these posts then please provide some acknowledgement that, in the light of these many reposted issues, there really is a problem with Health Mate and Google Fit Syncing.

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