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Cannot pair device




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    Hi Aaron,

    I'm sorry you ran into some trouble with the installation of your scale.

    If you started to install the scale but the scale installation didn't complete, it's important that you go to the Bluetooth menu of your phone and remove the scale from the list of devices before your try the installation again. If the scale is already paired to the phone when the installation starts in the Health Mate app, the installation won't proceed correctly.

    On Android : Settings > Bluetooth > Body XX > Unpair 

    On iOS : Settings > Bluetooth > Body XX > Forget This Device

    Double check that your mobile device is compatible with the Body. Then, follow the instructions in this FAQ to install your scale or this video on how to install your Withings / Nokia scale. Make sure you have a good internet connection for both your mobile device and the scale for the duration of the installation.

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    I am participating in a research project at the Univ of Pittsburgh.I have a Nokia Body scale. I am using a Moto G 5h generation phone with Android version 8.0.1.

    My setup had failed 10 times.

    Using the setup instructions, I see the on the Body scale, I select Pair. My phone detects the product "Product Detected - Body BC" but it just spins.

    Then after 5 minutes I get an error message that it failed.

    Any ideas?

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    I had the same problem trying to install from my Nokia 9 Pureview, only got as far as the phone seeing the scale but not installing on the app. 

    I gave it a few hours of troubleshooting and research and found out that the scale needs an update before it can work with my newer phone. I booted up my old LG G4 and installed the Health Mate App and it recognized the scale instantly and it updated itself.

    After that I went back to my Nokia phone and it worked perfectly after the scale updated itself.

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    these devices basically aren't fit for sale. 

    always fails to update

    following instructions here is just a way to waste more time.

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    I am having trouble setting up my scale.  The app is saying unable to find your body.  My bluetooth picks up the device and pairs

    All I have on the screen of the scale is


    It goes no further

    Is the Samsung Galaxy S10 plus compatible with the Body scales?

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