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Sleep Smart Wake-Up




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    Hi Matthia,

    The idea seems interesting, but I do not think the Sleep can have a smart wake up as good as the Aura did since it does not come with a light and sound device. How would you imagine it?


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    Sorry for long reply. Somehow I did not get notification.

    Most similar apps provide similar functionality to regular alarm on android. I'm not familiar with Android API but it should be possible to simulate simple alarm on mobile phone. What I'd like to have is the same thing as regular alarm but with option to wake me up within some period before alarm is set based on sleep phase. You can assume that with such device user will have his phone near bed and wants to use Withings Sleep only as input data to determine when it's the best time to wake him up.

    Basic features:

    Add new alarm, name it, set hour/minutes, set period for smart wake-up (how long before alarm is set it can already wake you up when it detects light sleep), choose alarm sound from media and maybe way of repeating it (days of week). 

    I took a look on API but it seems there is no way of fetching data quite in real time (let's say 1 minute intervals). That's why external apps just for that would not be sufficient.

    There are other alarm apps so there is probably option to implement it as alarm (use volume from alarm setting, not media/notifications).

    If you take a look on MiBand (at least first one which I have) it has similar option of smart alarm. Even though it uses band vibration, it will play audio alarm from phone if you don't wake up from vibration within some minutes. With Withing Sleep there is no vibration but it could just use mobile phone for alarm.

    Moreover, as HealthMate allows for some IoT configurations and triggering events it could also be integrated in future. You set up alarm and application can also trigger something else. Some smart lights and other devices that can be connected to app. Similarly to binding actions when you already woke up or went to bed but actually aimed at waking you. I already have similar thing done with other programmable devices to lift the blinds and rise room temperature one hour before I want to wake up. I've already seen support through ITTT to change temperature according to application events so that would also be possible. The only missing part is feature that will decide when it should wake user up and how it does that.

    So basic feature - just mobile phone smart alarm. Extended features if you want - integrating "wake me up now" event with other devices/applications for IoT.

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    YES- please do this.
    My Sleep Meister app does a smart alarm by waking me up to 30 min before the set time based on what stage of sleep I am in. I still have to ruń that app along with Sleep to give me a good wake up.
    All you have to to is have the app trigger an alarm on my phone at the best time for me to wake.
    Check the Sleep Meister app to see what they do.
    There is a lot of info in there app that has you beat on functionality.
    Combine some of that with your better sensor, and heart rate and breathing monitoring, you will have a clear winner.

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    No, I'm setting up my new withing move and cannot find the smart wake-up, only the alarm

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    Smart wake up would be such a great feature!

    Simplest implementation I could imagine. Create an IFTTT trigger (similar to the existing IFTTT triggers: When I get into / out of bed) for a light sleep during a set period.

    1. User sets start and end time (similar to existing SLEEP IFTTT triggers).
    2. Sleep creates trigger for first light sleep during Start / End time.
    3. User sets whatever they like in IFTTT (Sound alarm, switch lights on etc.)

    The user (me, ha!) could set a backup alarm on phone or other device incase I don't have a light sleep period / sensor doesn't detect it.

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    Yes I agree Sleep cycle does this and it work pretty well.


    Having this would give me all I need.

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    Agree, Create additional IFTTT triggers (similar to the existing IFTTT triggers: When I get into / out of bed)

    Add triggers for each sleep level
    When I am in Rem
    When I am in deep sleep
    When I am sleeping light
    When I am awake

    And another “ when I am ready to wake up “ which would be a self learning over time combination of avg hours sleep, time of day, and sleep state.

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    This would be absolutely amazing, especially “when I’m in REM”. Withings would be the only sleep tracker on the market with this REM notification function (via ifttt to smartwatch or phone) that could be used for lucid dreaming techniques. A LOT of people from LD community is looking for this.

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    Yes we need this function ! By the past Aura do that .. and now sleep can not. That’s a regression. I want to use my philips hue triggered by sleep captor for smart wake up.

    In a other hand, I had a Aura and since sleep can be used a captor for aura. My aura light is useless now.

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