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Wrong activity distance on Healthmate web




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    I have encountered the same problem with the android app. But my distance is 2 km longer on the web dashboad than in the app. I think this is not only a display problem because the data sync to google fit showed the same values like on the web dashboard.

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    Well... I set all my devices & websites to now be in EN-Canada & in METRIC values and, I don't know if you noticed but on the ScreenShots but under the Distance number, it's an M (as meter?) instead of a KM variable. Or maybe it's an M for MILES? But I don't think so... if it's REALLY a M as METER, that could explain the distance issue and also explain WHY I ALWAYS HAVE an EXTRA LOW SPENT CALORIES number!!! Please Withings tech Peeps, could you verify that possibility? Thanks and have a nice day! Nat LaPix

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