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Scale not syncing




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    Indeed, you need to check your scale's batteries, check the Wifi connection and is necessary re-set it up with your app and if nothing works, you can try to factory reset the scale, dissociate from your app and re-install it.

    If you experience an issue with data sync, you can visit our FAQ page >>>here<<<

    @hardison is right, when experiencing an issue with data sync, first thing to do is check the batteries and replace them anyway if you are unsure.

    Second step would be to check the Wifi connection. If unsure, you can manually re-setup the wifi connection. We have an FAQ article regarding this process >>> here <<<

    If there is still no result, you can re-install your device entirely by dissociating the scale from your account, forget the scale in the Bluetooth setting on your smartphone and factory reset the scale by doing this  :

    - Hold the button on the bottom of the scale for 8 seconds and then release it. A menu will appear with an arrow and three options: mac, upgrade, reset. 

    -Tap the button on the bottom of the scale until the arrow is on 'reset'
    The scale will now reset and will be ready to be configured.

    Let me know if your issue is resolved !

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    I do not have iOS so I am not sure. But it should not. I expect you to be using exclusively Bluetooth to sync if you have that problem? If you are using wifi, there should be even less reason to have this behaviour due to iOS and I would advise you to either try again by rebooting everything you can or reinstall your device or ask the support.

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    Celine, it's good to see someone from Withings/Nokia is here :-)

    I'm the same problem that a couple of other people have mentioned recently that has gone unanswered.  It's not this thread's topic so I won't go into it, but I wonder if you could look into the messages where the app says it can't connect to the scale.

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