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Deleting user




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    To remove a user from the scale, you have to know if the user is on the same account as you are, or on a separate one.

    If all the users are on your own account, you'll have to delete the user from your account. In the process, you'll have the choice to make the user independent so that he can keep his data. More info here:

    If the other user was using a separate account, you can unlink this other account from your scale by doing the following:

    - In Health Mate, go to My devices.

    - Click on More Settings below the device you want to dissociate.

    - Click Dissociate from all other accounts.

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    I created a test email account - and now I want to delete it for personal reasons.... I tried to go to but it doesn't work. I cannot delete the online account without actually connecting to a withings scale which is really f*(***(&*( annoying. Please help. 

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    How do I delete my email address from Withings thermo

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    Guys. I had same problem with deleting unwanted accounts/users from my thermometer 🌡️. Solving this problem below in steps:
    0. First u need to have properly installed device in app.
    1. Go to Thermo App (+)
    2. Click in top right corner on "gear" ⚙️
    3. In section Device select "Thermo"
    4. Click red position on bottom of list "Remove" ( don't worry l8r u can add one more time your device same like on the begging)
    5. Choice option " Remove from all other accounts"
    Enjoy ☺️ !

    PS Guys from "withings". Pls 🙏 listen 👂 customers more carefully. This was pretty easy problem to solve. Additionally pls 🙏 add some description in menu of Thermo App. Now is really difficult find this pretty hidden option 👍😷

    PS i really love your devices (almost all 😉)

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