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WiFi measurement sync issue




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    Hi Jaakko, 

    Can you update me on your issue ? Is it still going on ?

    I invite you to move your scale closer to your Wifi router just to be sure it is not coming from that !


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    I believe it was purely WiFi signal issue as I took scale to second floor, closer to wifi router, and it synced all data.

    This raise couple new questions;

    a) If I use Wifi analyzer, I can see that my Wifi SSID is still almost 30-40% of signal strength in place where scale originally located. How good signal it need to be that scale gets connection for syncing ?

    b) How many measurements it stores to scale it self? Just thinking that I could bring scale next to wifi router now and then if it could store multiple days to internal memory of scale..

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi Jaska.  Got mine last week and asked Withings if it stored measurements as I was going away for Easter.  They told me 16.  I took about 8 and they all downloaded when I got home.  

    I also just asked how to connect BT and W's sent a link and I just did it.  I havnt taken any measurements yet, so may not know which will record it WiFi BT or both.  When I go away for a holiday I want to take it and store more than 16 measurements.

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    I have the same issue - my scale is next to the router - but it doesn't sync. even after factory reset. In fact when I try to update wifi setting my SSID's no longer appear. 


    only appear after hard reset, but still no sync

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