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Proper integration with Google Fit




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    I can attest to this, the integration is poor.  Although there are options of what to export to Fit, I can tell you that HR data is not.  Fit has never received any HR data from HealthMate.  It is spotty at best on the rest of the data.

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    Hello, heat rate synchronization seams to work fine (on Android).

    As for the steps it took me quite some time to figure out that it actually can work, just not simultaneously with google fits activity tracking.


    To get the step export feature to work, one has to disable step recording (activity tracking) in Google Fit and deactivate the step import in Health Mate.

    Since this issue was troubling me quite much I send an e-mail to the support an got an reply within 24 h. This is awesome!

    Although their suggestion of deactivating and re-activating the sync was already tried before, it got me to experiment with all possible scenarios and I figured out by accident that it suddenly started working when Google Fit is not configured to record any activities on its own. But I think this alone is not enough since this was my initial configuration, but instead one has to deactivate any step import in Health Mate. Before I had import from Samsung Health enabled and this may have been part of the problem.

    While experimenting I took some other steps which are probably unrelated

    • re-installed Google Fit and Health Mate
    • disabled WiFi and mobile internet
    • created a new user profile for my health records
    • reset my Seel HR
    • uninstalled Samsung Health
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