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Activity Distance Greater Than Day's Total




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    Hi Gen,

    Thanks for the detailed feedback. If you're not already, you might benefit from using our Connected GPS workout mode to more accurately track your hiking sessions. This will let you use your phone's GPS to capture the distance traveled more precisely. If you're tracking your workout without GPS, you can always edit the activity session in the app to correct the distance to better match your companions' GPS results.

    While we are always striving to improve how to track steps more accurately for our users, different terrains, stride length, and gait can be challenging to get this count right for everyone. Feedback like yours helps us improve our trackers for everyone, so please stay tuned for future software updates that will continue to improve your watch's performance.

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    Thank you for your response. However, the problem is with Connected GPS.

    I'm currently using Connected GPS. If I use Connected GPS for an activity (like running, walking, or hiking) it shows an accurate distance under the activity. HOWEVER, the total steps/distance for the day will be several miles less than the distance shown on the activity screen.

    For example, I walk 8 miles outside and have connected GPS on for those 8 miles.

    -If I go to the app and look at the walking activity, it will accurately show that I walked 8 miles.

    -If I look at the day's total distance on my watch, it says I only walked 6 miles that day.

    -If I go to the Health Mate App and click on Daily Steps and look at the distance, it will say I only walked 6 miles that day.

    In other words, 2 miles from my walk are missing plus any other steps I took that day. That's a HUGE discrepancy.

    The same problem happens when I use Connected GPS for running or hiking.

    It seems like the data from Connected GPS is not being accurately logged as distance for daily totals.

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    I am experiencing the same thing.  The step counter grossly under-counts steps and I have found it to be counting only 60-80% of the actual steps taken.  Withings needs to loosen their algorithm to match a Fitbit as their count is mostly spot on.

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