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Recording sleep while awake




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    If sleep is tracking when you are awake, then I would recommend reaching out to our customer support at:

    If  the beginning of the night is missing from your sleep data, it may be that you move a lot in your sleep. The Steel HR can be quite sensitive to motion until it is certain that your'e asleep. This can affect the beginning of your sleep data. However, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support for more information! 


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    I have the opposite problem. The watch frequently says I only slept 4-5 hours when I actually slept 8 or more. It gets the waking time right, but says I didn’t go to sleep until 2 or 3 am when in fact I went to sleep around 10 pm. It is somehow missing the first half of my sleep at least two or three nights every week.

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    Mine tracks to much sleep as well. When I use my phone in my bed (the phone that is connected to my withings HR) it says I was still asleep. This happens prior to falling asleep as well as in the morning checking my phone. How can this be solved?

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    This is my third night using the sleep device.  The main reason I bought it was to better understand my terrible pattern of sleep: I wake up every night for anywhere between 45 min to 2 hours.  (I typically end-up reading during that time.)  Unfortunately, apparently as I read I am "quiet" enough for the device to think that I am asleep.  Last night I tried to be a bit more energetic during that time but it didn't help.  Some of it was recorded as awake and majority as "light sleep".  Does anyone know if there is a way to adjust setting so that the recording is correct?

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