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Can Move ECG track HRV




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    Hi Peter,

    Im interested in HRV too. Did you find your solution? Can you share this with us?




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    What I discovered was that calculating HRV with a watch is almost impossible. What I did was I found and app called SweatBeatHRV in the Any App store and it costs about $10. I then purchased one of the recommend Heart rate monitors listed in the app. What I do is every morning when I wake up I check my HRV using the App and the chest strap. The app gives you and an arbitrary number that is run through their algorithms, this stuff is figured out by people much smarter than myself, and the higher the number the better your HRV is. The App also provides you other data to geek out on, but way over my head. Basically what I use it for is how hard I am going to train that day. If my HRV is high I can train harder, if it's low I will back off or take a rest day.  Now that I have been using this app, I can usually judge by how I feel what my HRV will be. I think it a good tool so you don't over train. Another route is the company they offer a tracking device for a monthly fee. But being the cheap person I am I did not use this option. I never did get a response from Withings probably because it can't be done by a watch. Hope that helps.

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