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Is the battery replaceable?




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    I bought the Steel HR last year and I can tell that the battery is not replaceable. The watch has a a built-in battery and it is rechargeable. So far the battery life of my watch is still good after using it for one year.  

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    I don't think you should worry much about the battery ageing.

    Since one charge can go for 20-25 days the number of charge cycles (main factor of battery lifetime) will increase so slowly that it shouldn't be an issue (one cycle is full 100% capacity change, so if you charge from 50-100% then it's not full cycle but charging one day from 20 - 80 and next time from 40 - 80 would together constitute to 1 cycle). 

    Li batteries generally like to be kept between 20% - 80% charged (so it's not a good idea to let them run to 0% and it is a good idea to take away from charger before they reach 100%)

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