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Pomodoro timer




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    This would be awesome. :)

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    Agreed that this would be handy. My suggestion for one possible implementation would be the following:

    Add an optional "Timer" screen to the list of screens.

    Long pressing on the timer screen transitions to a list of timers, similar to the list of workouts. Like workouts, timers can be configured via the app.

    Short presses scroll through the list of timers with the final option in the timer list being "EXIT" back to list of screens. Default timers could be 20:00, 05:00, and 00:00.

    Long pressing on a timer starts the timer. Watch is now in timer mode, and display remains lit.

    Short presses pause and resume the timer, long-press closes the timer and returns back to the list of timers to allow a subsequent timer to be selected. (Alternately, if desired for consistency with the workout timer it can return to the main list of screens at that point.)

    When a timer counts down to 00:00 it buzzes for 5 seconds and at the same time begin to count up. This allows the 00:00 timer to act as a stopwatch. (Unlike the "Other" workout timer, this would not imply any additional heart-rate or distance tracking, and could be paused and resumed.)

    In addition to the numbers going up or down, a secondary indicator such as "↑"/"↓" or "+"/"-" or stopwatch/hourglass icons can be used to indicate whether the timer is decreasing to 00:00 or increasing from 00:00.

    Like the workout timer, an increasing stopwatch timer would buzz every 30 minutes in case the user has forgotten it has been set.

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    Excellent ideas.

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    Agreed! Really love my Withings watch but it's one of the reasons why i'm reconsidering tbh

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