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Import Fitbit Aria Scale Info




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    I think the only data that can be imported from Fitbit are steps and not the weight measurements. For more information, you can visit this article that I saw in the Help Center: I hope this helps.

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    really there isn't a way to import weight from Aria to Healthmate?

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    Could someone from WIthings Support please respond here?  If it is bad news, then so be it, but to say nothing is either lazy or a coverup.  

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    No response from Withings Support?


    EDIT: So I found a way to import ALL historical Fitbit Aria data to Withings, but it's not pretty.

    It involves (1) getting all your Fitbit data, (2) merging the weight data into a single JSON file, (3) converting the JSON to CSV, (4) cleaning up the CSV data into a format Withings can read and finally (5) importing the data.

    Required tools:

    - Your Fitbit historical data account archive (link)

    - Access to a Linux machine with jq installed (link) (NOTE: this will not work with Windows jq, but it worked with me through Ubuntu - Windows Subsystem for Linux).


    1. Extract your Fitbit account archive.

    2. In the subfolder called "user-site-export", copy all "weight-yyyy-mm-dd.json" files to a new folder called "weight".

    3. In a bash command prompt, navigate to your "weight" folder and input the following command: jq -n "[inputs] | add" *.json > output.json

    4. You now have one single file with all your weight data. Open this new output.json file in a text editor (like Notepad++ (link)) and copy the content of this file to the clipboard.

    5. Paste the contents of your clipboard into the the JSON to CSV online converter found at (link), which is free and open-source (link) (no privacy concerns, conversion happens inside the browser).

    6. Download this new CSV file to your computer and name it "original.csv". Make a copy called "for-import.csv".

    7. Your data needs to have the following columns in this order: date (yyyy-mm-dd), weight, fat. You can edit for-import.csv in Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc (link).

    8. Follow the instructions for Importing data into Withings (link). Insure that the measurement units in your file match the ones in your Withings profile.

    On top of all this, you may need to split your resulting CSV in multiple files, since Withings only supports uploading up to 300-lines at a time in a single CSV. Simply split your for-import.csv into multiple files and import them one at a time.

    Hope this helps someone!

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