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Duplicate profiles on the scale




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    If you see duplicate users from the same Health Mate account on your scale, you can delete one of the users by opening Health Mate and going to Profile. Down below, you will see all the users on your account under “Family”. Please delete the user you don’t want to see anymore (see here for Android and here for iOS). You can also do it on the Web Dashboard. This article here will indicate how to do it.


    If the situation persists, you might want to:

    1) Follow these steps here (for Android) or here (for iOS) in order to remove other users from your scale.

    2) If the connection is Bluetooth, go to your Bluetooth settings and “forget” your scale. For both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi configurations, please dissociate your scale from your account. For that, open Health Mate, go to “Devices” and click on “Dissociate from my account” under your scale.

    3) Perform a factory reset. If you have a Body+, follow the instructions from this article. If you have a Body Cardio, we indicated the procedure in the comment we left on this publication. If you have a Body, please follow the steps in the publication, as well.

    4) Install your scale again.


    I hope I was able to help you. If you can still see duplicate users, please email us by clicking on


    Happy Monday,


    Armelle, Withings Customer Service

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    If the scale is showing duplicate users, I would rather check those profile first in my account and delete the duplicate. You can check this out:

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    I have the same problem too. The fix didn’t work. Any other ideas?

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    I am having this same issue. I’m listed once, my spouse is listed twice. I’ve checked my account, and she is only listed once in the account. How do I fix this?

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    I am having this same issue. I’m listed once, my spouse is listed twice. I’ve checked my account, and she is only listed once in the account. Appears to be a common issue, I do not want to delete ALL users just to remove this double up. Any way to hard reset the scale or something?

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    Hi, same for me. I also see 3 profile on a scale (1x my, 2x wife's). There are only 2 accounts in online dashboard :-/

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    I have the same issue. I have only 1 account and the display shows my name twice. What do I have to do?

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    I had the same problem and got it fixed.  the invited user showed two profiles on the scale when they used it.  I had two separate accounts connected to the scale.   For user privacy.   The invited user was showing up twice.   I had to do several more steps then only the the one step listed above.

    1. From both accounts I followed these instructions. to disassociated other user.  Then disassociated the current profile user from the scale.  From both accounts I disassociated other users and the current user.  Meaning 2 disassociate actions from each user.

    2. From each users phone, I went to bluetooth and did a "forget this device" on the scale in my bluetooth settings.

    3. I followed the factory reset options of the scale.  There are a few different versions of the instructions, I followed the hold the button for 8 seconds, release, click button to move to reset option.

    4. I started the setup like a totally new scale, except we kept the two online profiles active.  No need to delete those and no need to delete the app from your phone.  From my phone health mate app, I re-setup the scale.   From my phone invited the second person.   Second person used the invite to connect the scale to their health mate app.   

    Now we both are good.   only one profile when either of us steps on the scale.


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    Just started experiencing this same problem myself.  After working fine for a couple of years, suddenly it started showing me two identical usernames -- and asking me to lean to select one.  Strange.

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    Had a similar problem that couldn't get fixed only following billfpoling's steps above, but I figured it out: somehow, I got a "Family member" added to my own profile with the same name that I have. Here is how to fix it:

    1. Go to the Health Mate iOS app.
    2. Click in "Profile" on the bottom right.
    3. Scroll to the end of the page, to the "Family" section.
    4. If you see yourself on that list, delete it. This is not really your profile, it is an additional "family member" linked to your actual profile as if it were a second person.
    5. Follow billfpoling's steps above (forgetting from other devices, factory reseting the scale, going through setup again).
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