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Step tracking accuracy




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    Hi there! 

    As the Sport is the newer device, I would place more reliability upon its accuracy over the Garmin device. 

    As you said you were wearing both devices simultaneously, I assume that you had one on each arm. Be aware that we unconsciously use our writing arm more than the weaker one and so that could affect step count. 

    The hr also discretely takes body temp into account so make sure that the watch is worn as tightly as you can without discomfort and at the correct place pin the wrist (which would be impossible if you were wearing two watches on one arm)

    Instructions of how to wear the watch should be included in both the paper and online instructions.

    Hope this helps and enjoy your new sport.

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    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the answer. The Garmin uses gps tracking so I think the speed and distance is right. Also, the stepcount of the HR Sport isn't the problem it's that it converts it wrongly. I mean, I think it think I make different sized steps. Tonight I'm going to use my ohone's gps to redo the test with both watches. Thanks a lot for your input.


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