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Sleep tracking notes




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    While we await the highly anticipated enhancements to our sleep tracking system which was the winner of our poll; we are happy to share a quick piece about how the watch tracks sleep stages. 

    The sleep stages (e.g. light and deep) are measured based on wrist movement

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    YES. Please add this as it would be very helpful, to see everything one screen (And more importantly keeps users inside of your software tool.)

    For now what I'm doing is tracking my notes in one software application and then using a split screen on the laptop or looking at one app on my phone and then looking at Healthmate on my laptop. To look for patterns, trends, or things that stand out. For example doing A, I fall asleep faster, but wake up throughout the night, while doing B before bed makes it longer to fall asleep, but then I stay wake up less throughout the night.


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