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Accuracy of step tracking




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    Hello, my Steel HR is pretty new but I experimented a bit to check its tracking, so I tested the recorded distance while having bluetooth disabled and compared with the phones result.

    In my experience the measured distance is pretty accurate, i.e. if an activity is started when you move more than 2 minutes.

    For a walk of ~900m my phone (Google Fit) was claiming a distance of 1,1km meanwhile the Steal HR measured 0,93. Though the number of steps seams a bit strange some times the overall distance matches pretty close.

    Some forums and websites claim that Garmin and Fitbit tracker way overestimate steps, which I can imagine since people probably feel better if they achieve 'more steps' and reach their daily activity goals. Or maybe it simply depends on the walking style how 'good' the steps are measured and different devices (implementing different algorithms) may work better for other persons.


    Steps which are not recognized that well:

    1. If you have some item in your hand and no activity is started the steps are likely not detected. Even if an activity is started and you walk very slow while holding something some steps may not be accounted for. (Probably because your pulse is not increasing by much such that it may fall back to connected GPS for the measurement)
    2. Short walks (less than 2min so no activity is started), i.e. walking through your house is only recognized if you swing your arm quite much or walk a bit faster. 

    This may be a technical limitation in order to ignore arbitrary arm movements i.e. since your pulse probably doesn't change much if you walk slowly/relaxed, still maybe one could improve the distinction of sligh walking movements  and (likely faster) standard arm movements to grab or lift things.

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    why is different between device and app at counting steps? app must get data from device, isn’t it

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