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Steel HR Bluetooth not working




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    I have a pair of bluetooth headphones which were nearby and they apparently prevented the phone from finding my watch.

    I turned off the headphones and the phone was then able to connect to the watch.

    I've had these headphones for months and have not had an issue with them conflicting with the watch before.

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    After issues with my Steel HR suddenly stop working, I disassociated my Steel HR from the HealthMate app and discontinued the watch’s bluetooth connection to my phone.

    After my watch came back to life,  I too had difficulty connecting my watch with my phone.  I had to do a factory reset:  long press of side button (about 5 seconds).  Press the side button until you see “factory reset”. Press the button until you see “reset in 5 clicks”.  Press the button five times.

    It took me several tries to get the timing of the button pressing done correctly to get to the messages and have the factory reset done.  Then my watch did connect with my cell phone.

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    The bluetooth suddenly is not working with my Steel Sport watch on my Apple iPhone. The iPhone bluetooth works on other devices. What to do?

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    After having not worn my watch since the day before, I was shocked to feel the vibration of a "step goal" as soon as I put it on again. When checking my step count it had recorded almost 105,000 steps. That's right - almost one hundred and five thousand steps in less than a day. Impressive, huh? :|

    Did a bit of research and managed to reset the factory settings, and now Health Mate can't find my watch and my watch is repeatedly telling me there is something wrong with the bluetooth connection.

    Have emailed Withings Customer Service three times now, and the only reply I've had is to ask what kind of band I'm using because it may not be tight enough :|

    I only purchased the watch about 13 months ago and it's worked perfectly fine up until yesterday. Not ideal and I'm really not happy with the lack of customer service either. Probably won't be recommending a Withings product to anyone I know.

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