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messing with bluetooth?




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    I don't think that this might be affecting another connection for Bluetooth. You may try to forget all devices from your Bluetooth settings and see if there is a difference.

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    Goodness, I'm glad it's not just mine. I have the bpm connect and when not in use (almost all of the time as it is on only a couple of minutes every 5-6 hours for measurements), it constantly pushes a message 'connecting to your device'. Okay, I can work with that, just ignore/mute the notification.

    But then it starts saying 'Unfortunately, Bluetooth has stopped.' I have Bluetooth running all of the time to connect to my watch (garmin), but these persistent notices of Bluetooth crashing only happen when I have the device associated. If I have music playing through headphones or a bt speaker it does cut out for it to reset the connection. So it's not solely the health mate app, but when I have the bpm connect associated and it tries to sync/connect.

    I would love to have a solution to this, because it isn't very practical to associate and disassociate for three-four measurements a day.


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    I'm having these problems too. Anytime I listen to music or podcasts on my Bluetooth device, the sound constantly pauses. Sometimes every few minutes, and other times every few seconds.

    I uninstalled my Withings app for about 3 weeks and never once had the disconnection problem. I reinstalled it this week, and the problems returned. The constant "Trying to connect" is interrupting the Bluetooth connections on my phone.

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