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Multiple Users BPM Connect




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    Mélanie L.


    This Help Center article may help you:

    If you still encounter issues, feel free to contact our Customer Support here. We will be glad to help!

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    I also can’t figure out how to use the BPM Connect with multiple users

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    I think we figured it out!

    As soon as the results populate, click the button once and the first user’s name will pop up.

    Hold the button down until the next name pops up. Use the longer button-hold to toggle through users.

    Once you toggle to the correct user, click the button again and a checkmark will appear to confirm the selected user.

    You should then see the results under the selected user in the app.

    *note, there is a Guest user option if you don’t want to record the entry into one of the user accounts

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    Hello Joryh - your process does not work for us. I actually created a new account now -no family user account - only for me on my private smartphone. The readings are still are still showing up on another users Health Mate App. 

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    Yes, this feature is very disappointing.  Works so well for one person.  Does App 1 need to log out or turn off Bluetooth while App 2 (user 2) is taking a reading?  All readings going to my phone, my App

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    Why does it keep asking me to buy the product, it no longer works on 2 phones, his and he's, nothing on help, this new company must be doing this on purpose to buy their products and anoy withings customers

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    I had the same question about several users/iphones connected to a single device and had to really search to find it. The process is not described completely in any written instructions, only partly shown in this video at the 1:32 mark:


    Note: You switch between users/family members on the BPM Connect device AFTER the measurement is complete, using a long-push on the button (display shows the names), followed by a short-push to confirm the data sync. The data is then sent to that user's phone.

    But before you can do the above you have to create the second user/family member's account:

    1. Create the second family member/user from within the first/primary account, see instructions here (Option 1):

    2. Install the Health Mate app on the second family members phone, and login into the app using the first/primary account login details. Proceed with the installation process to connect to the BPM Connect device etc.

    3. Once the the second family member Health Mate app is installed and connected as per above, log out and close the app.

    4. Open the Health Mate app again on the second family members phone and login with the first/primary account login. At startup you will now get a promt to choose which family member you want to use. Choose the second family member (if this is the second family members phone, that is). 

    5. If you want to connect the Health Mate app to the Apple Health app to transfer the data, you can now do this. The data will transfer separately to the second family members Health app.

    Done. Now you have two family members logged in to their own app on their own phone with their own data flows, but still connected to the same device. Now perform the blood pressure measurement on any family member, and at the end of the measurement, switch to the correct family member shown in the video above (long push on button to switch member followed by a short push to confirm data sync).

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