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    Did you pair it with bluetooth and make it to where it is on your wifi?  I noticed mine didn't seem to be making the connections either, then all of sudden, poof, it did.  

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    I wish to do a follow up post to the one I made last Sunday titled “unreliable”. I have found that the fix has been a shower before jumping on the scales. To be more precise, having damp feet appears to help with the conduction (?). Anyway all appears to be well. There is syncing between my phone and the scales. I have received a report breaking down the components of my weight loss ( or gain!) so I know where I am. This is now working with the ease I was hoping for. Now highly recommended. It is now a vital part of “my weight loss journey”.
    I would like to apologise to Withings for any harm my post has caused and will seek to have Amazon take it down.
    Buy the body cardio -it’s brill!

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    Try to clean the surface of the scale using a lint-free cloth moistened with water. Take your measurement just after shower as your feet will be sufficiently moist. 

    If the issue persists, reboot your scale by pressing and holding the button on the right side of the scale for 20 seconds.

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