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HR monitoring on Move ECG




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    I agree TOTALLY with this comment, the ideal watch should do both !


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    Agree with this wholeheartedly too.

    It is true that it is now possible to get (for example) Steel HR + Move ECG combo and associate both watches with one account, but I cannot think of the right moment when I should swap them without sacrificing some functions/information that are important to me.

    I want to monitor HR not only during scheduled workouts, but also during sleep, during one kilometer run when I try to catch my train with two notebooks on my back, etc. :)

    I do not want to wear Steel HR all the time and Steel ECG just 2 minutes per week only to occassionally check my ECG record. I also do not want to wear both watches simultaneously (in case you enable users to disable activity monitoring on individual devices).

    I consider myself to be a loyal fan of Withings too, but I am not even tempted to upgrade to ECG (since it would be in fact a downgrade).

    I hope you'll receive lots of similar comments. It is not necessary to be three times cheaper than Apple Watch - half the price would be perfectly ok :), but please feature both HR / ECG in some future model.

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    Anyone with AF should be aware that the usual LED 'heart rate' detection uses the green light and a light sensor to measure the colour of the skin, and thereby detect the pulse.  The skin capillaries redden slightly with each normal pulse.  An algorithm is used to detect the rate of change within expected limits, normally 40 - 150 bpm or so.  When AF or other heart arrhythmia occurs, not all heart beats create a pulse of higher blood pressure, so that measurement system is not suitable.  HR watches just don't work right for us AFers.

    Hence the MoveECG doesn't have it for a good reason!

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    This if of importance to my family. My wife has both AFib and AFlutter and would be very interested in finding a device, preferably a Withings device, that would provide reliable Heart Rate monitoring as well as ECG. Hence our disappointment in discovering that the MoveECG does not do HR monitoring like the Steel HR. The perfect combination would, of course, be a Steel HR Sport with ECG.

    Your explanation suggests a good technical reason for Withings not being able to combine HR monitoring with ECG measurements. I have no reason to doubt your analysis.

    On the other hand, at least two of the Withings MoveECG competitors, Apple Watch (both 4 and 5) and the latest Samsung Active watch have apparently been able to successfully combine HR monitoring with ECG. Are Apple and Samsung misleading us or are there other technically sound ways to combine both HR monitoring with ECG.

    As I mentioned in my earlier post, I am heavily, and happily, committed to the Withings ecosystem;  however, I still want a watch that combines HR monitoring with ECG.

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    Same here. Upvote!

    If Apple and Samsung watch can include both options than the withings move ECG should too. At least include the option to enable continuous heart rate tracking so people are able to choose for them self if battery lifetime is one of the issues. 

    I am also committed to the Withings ecosystem. I am on the edge of purchasing and promoting a full range of witthings products. However, the limitation of the Move ECG regarding the continuous heart rate tracking tends me to move to another supplier. It is a shame if we should chose other products because of these limitations.

    So please anyone from the staff, could you try and comment on this feature request? Maybe a slight peek that it is possible for future plans?

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    I think the answer to this is to wear a chest strap (eg polar or withins developed alternative) which could be recorded directly into the app. The wrist measurement issue would be resolved and the user could see heart rate on the app.

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