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    Try clearing your browser's cache, cookies and history or use Incognito browser. It works for me everytime my browser is acting weird. lol

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    I have been facing the very same issue no matter what web browser I have tried.

    In chrome more specifically, clearing any  *  (; solved the issue (you can keep cookies) or logging out properly from the web app dashboard. I have tried to contact the support and told them that bad behavior, they requested that I grabbed a video.....which I have not done so they closed my case.

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    Last 10 days I'm experiencing problems with the Withings Health Mate web app. The main page or other pages (weight, blood pressure etc.)  won't completely load. I'm trying to reload page many times but I'm getting partially loaded page, or page with all web elements without fully loaded CSS.

    I'm using:

    - MacOS 10.15.1

    - Firefox 70.0.1  with uBlock Origin, Privacy Badger, Canvas Blocker and Decentraleyes.

    - Safari 13.0.3. with Ghostery Lite

    I'm getting the same result with enabled or disabled add ons.

    So, Withings boys & girls could you please contact someone from your development/adminstrator department to fix it?

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