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Reliability of Withings Data ?




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    My experience showed that Withings products are rather accurate. Every device has its limits and depends on some specificities. For the example of heartrate, the scale and a watch can only be compared if the measurements are taken in the same conditions and without moving. When I had bad results, it was usually because of small movements I made involuntarily.

    I did not try out Sleep, but I believe that if the sensor is placed on the bed, it will be hard to make a difference between somebody sleeping and somebody reading on a bed. I would consider it a big problem only if it could not detect well if I am on the bed or not.

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    Some Withings products may be rather accurate but the heart rate on the Body Cardio is clearly extremely inaccurate and totally unreliable based on my and others experience. That Withings would put this product out with such an inaccurate measurement calls in the question Withings sense of quality and accuracy. 

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