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Strava Syncing Discrepancies




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    The difference between the data seems to be normal based on this article:

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    Small differences are understandable but we are talking about a difference of minutes in pace. That can't be right.

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    In my case (ScanWatchl we are talking about 10 mins, no exception, happening every time.

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    I mean, the correct moving time shown in Health Mate (e.g. 35 mins for 5 km) exports to Strava as a 10 mins shorter moving time (24 mins for 5 km) and thus a significantly shorter average pace.

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    Same issue 

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    Hi , I just get mine and was used to strava , So I was happy with the theoretical support of withings toward strava , BUt like the people on this thread , I have this strange behaviour ! the distance is ok , the elapsed time is ok , but for soem unknown reasons , the time corresponding to the running time is about 10 minutes less by hour of running time on healtmate.

    To explain :


    on healthmate :

    21 km , total time running 1:58:57 => 5:39 min/km

    on strava :

    21km , total elapsed time 2:00:28 , total MOVING time : 1:37:18 => 4:39 min/km !

    So it is like strava using the exported data from healthmate is considering that we stop a lot of time (like one minute by km ) and then run very fast to complete the km ..

    And when you look at the details , it is the same way of thinking for EVERY laps

    In fact for me , you take the 21km ; one minute by kilometer you remove it from the running time of healthmate and you got quite exactly the time in strava : 1:58:57 - 21=> 1:37

    I've done the same calculation on my other trip and got the same result ..


    9.2km in 49:12 => 5:22 m/km


    9.16km in total time 49:10 but moving time ! : 41:55min so 4:34 /km

    so this time is it like I waited 48s for every km

    Look at the details of every laps we can see that it is not linear .. :-(

    Hmate               Strava

    5:25                     4:20

    5:24                     4:30

    5:05                     4:29

    5:43                     4:59

    But nevertheless I'm wonder if it is not a simple problem of units ?? between the two programs ..


    At least it should not be difficult to find it , non ?


    Please withings support , call your counterpart from strava and work together to make the differences go away :-)







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