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Doubts with weekly report accuracy




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    Maybe it synced to late?

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    It should only need to check at the end of the week if you have achieved your steps each day, so at worst, it should only be a sync issue for perhaps the last day of the week. But given the email didn't arrive until 17:15 today, that has had plenty of time to check that last day as well.


    I know for sure that the step count has synced with the Healthmate app on my phone before the end of each day, as I don't stop stepping until I see that has happened. So it should also not be a matter of delays there in the feed from my actual activity to when the app knows (although given that is taking a feed from Google, rather than being able to directly take the feed from my Garmin device, I do have to take more steps in reality to achieve the step goal).


    Which in my current thinking can leave only (1) a delay in the synching between the Healthmate app and the Healthmate server somewhere at the backend combined (assuming it doesn't go via server to app) with (2) it taking that delayed sync as the basis; rather than just actually looking at the end of the week.


    Otherwise, for the last week, there's been several hours between when the app indicates I met my step goal and the physical end of the day.


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    Is it possible to change the day my weekly report is sent?

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