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Scale screen (WBS01) does not turn on anymore




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    I'm seeing similar behavior.

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    Same issue and can’t find an answer. This would be second Withings product to completely die … and both have been well cared for.

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    This happened to my WBS01 too after 11 years without any problems. The scale displayed the low-battery icon (as it does), but after I swapped the batteries, the display briefly displayed a bogus weight and then stopped turning on when I stepped on the scale. I could see that the scale was still syncing with, and the display would briefly display a pairing code when I pressed the button on the back. I successfully reconfigured it for my wifi network using the Windows pairing app, but the display still wouldn't turn on.

    Here's the response that I got from support:

    I appreciate the information you've provided and for trying to resolve this by changing the batteries and checking our forums for troubleshooting steps. I understand that you've recently changed the batteries. For me to investigate this further, could please remove the batteries of your scale for a full 60 seconds and clean the battery contacts with a cotton swab, moistened with rubbing alcohol? Once done, please reinsert the battery, ensuring that they are in the correct polarity, place the scale down on the hard floor, wait 10 seconds and weigh yourself.
    If the scale was working prior to replacing the batteries, please try using a different brand of batteries (I recommend using Energizer batteries) to see if the same issue occurs.

    I didn't bother swabbing the contacts, but after I took the batteries out for several hours, recharged them, and then reinserted them, the scale displayed a checkmark and now displays its readings when I step on it. It looks like it hasn't synced with since yesterday, so I may try configuring it again if that doesn't resolve itself soon.

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