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Sailfish OS support



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    I'd rather have a usable local API or communication protocol between watch and host-device publicly documented, thus without any online service as intermediate. If this is properly documented (and maintained), Sailfish OS developers can build their own app. I am actually currently (still) wearing a Pebble Steel, which has an excellent companion app on Sailfish OS because the protocol was open and published.

    When I just tried to sign up (which was far from smooth experience. You might want to strip whitespaces on those e-mail input fields) I got greeted with this "required" checkbox:

    I used a anonymous account for this, but no, I will not buy a device which has this as requirement to be able to even use it. This kind of data does not have to leave my own devices at any time.

    So please, publish the protocol. An app, if local-only is an option, is of course welcome as well. But still, the protocol is what matters.

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