Why can't I use 2 Sleep Analyzers in 2 different beds?

Sleep Analyzer (EU and ROW)


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    Armelle From Withings

    Hello Cristian,


    Thank you for posting. If I understand your request correctly, you would like to have 2 Sleep Analyzers paired to your Health Mate account, am I right? Sleep Analyzer has not been designed so several devices could be linked to one Health Mate account. However, I'm happy to forward your request to our development team so they can take it into consideration for a future update.


    Happy Tuesday,


    Armelle, Withings Customer Service

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    I would like to support this request to support more than one Sleep Analyzer (Eg. 3 of them).  They do not need to be active at the same time.

    I travel regularly and it would be useful to leave a sleep analyzer in more than location.  I wouldn't mind switching between them in the app, whenever I change location. 

    At the moment we have to forget the current one and pair to the next one each time we change location.  This is too laborious to be practical.  You will sell more analyzers if you allow people to place them in more than one location.

    Best wishes.



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