After firmware update no sync on BPM Connect

BPM Connect


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    Thanks for posting. We've replied to a similar topic here, don't hesitate to check our reply.


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  • ndoyle001


    I have this same exact issue.

    Ever since the "select a user" update, this has become nothing more than a piece of trash.

    I have issues getting it to turn on. I press the button, nothing happens. I press it again, sometimes the + sign comes on, then immediately goes off. Then I cannot do anything for several seconds and sometimes get it to turn on and take a reading by showing the BP on the display.

    It also fails to sync to anything. I have had one synced reading since the update. 1. I have taken more than 100 readings. This is with both bluetooth and WiFi. The device simply no longer wants to connect. Even worse, I rarely ever see the "select a user" screen. Most of the time it rotates through the reading 3 times and just shuts off. If I short press during the reading, it shuts off. If I long press during the reading, it shuts off.


    Glad to see I am not the only one and it is, in fact, the update.



  • k.hesdra


    I agree. This update (1501) is very frustrating.  I hope Withings updates soon to fix several issues that didn't exist originally. I have an iPhone using iOS15. I have submitted another forum request regarding the "user list". So far no reply. My problem stems from now having multiple names identical to mine on the list. How they showed up I don't know. After several days I finally figured out only one is associated with my account. It's up to me to find it. The other two are straw dogs (ie, useless).

    Mine won't connect with Bluetooth. Also, won't update on the website "Journal" like it originally did. We should have the ability to revert to the original firmware version. Otherwise provide some in-depth troubleshooting assistance.



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