Getting old WBS01 to work

Wi-Fi Body Scale WBS01


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    Armelle From Withings

    Hi @phalle.v,


    Thanks for posting. Do you have an Android phone? If yes, make sure that the location is activated on your phone and that Health Mate has access to it. 


    If you still can't set up your Wi-Fi Body Scale WBS01, could you try using a different Mini-USB cable to connect the scale to your computer? If it is still not recognized, please try using a different PC or Mac with the Pairing Wizard software to check if it is detected there.


    If the situation persists after trying these steps, don't hesitate to reach out per email via


    Have a great day,


    Armelle, Withings Customer Service

  • rothron


    I think the web app is broken. Console shows it trying to do a post to and getting a 404, then another error message because it expected a JSON response back.



  • kimcoke


    I also think the web app is broken.

    I have tried many times on different days since September 2022, but the results have not changed.
    The error message on the "Scale Installation" page is:

    POST 404 (Not Found)




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